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Hello, everyone! With summer here,
I have a bit of time to update pictures,
sorry it has taken so long! I am now
going to stop dividing pictures up
into the different kids' directories
and now all kids will have the same
pictures each month. Hopefully this
will save me some time and make me
molre likely to upload pictures
quickly! Enjoy the new pictures - the
kids are sure growing up fast!

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McLaren Family Videos
2004 trip to New Orleans
Sitka, Juneau, & Denali

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Unsorted pictures since May 2009

Jessica's web place [password protected]
Matthew's web place [password protected]
Lily's web place [password protected]
Scotti McLaren's pictures! Family Journal
Jessica has her own digital camera that she
loves to take with her when she goes places.

Summer Camp 2007
Wildlife Ranch summer 2007
Life at home, friend's birthday party
Fall 2007 pictures
In the car, April 2008
Pictures around Austin May 2008
Around the house (Summer 2008)
2008 Trip to San Antonio
August 2008 pictures

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