Ho hum, it's Doug's www page.

Ho hum, it's Doug's www page. Now with color!

More information about me and my family can be found here. It's far more interesting than this page :)

Here's some pictures taken when I took advantage of `Demo Day' at the Fault Line Flyers field and took a ride in a glider -- a Grob G103.

Here's some pictures taken when I went Skydiving at Skydive San Marcos. It was definately neat, but I don't know if I'll be doing it again ...

Here's a bunch of old pictures of our Pets. Unfortunately, none of these pets are with us any more. We now have two American Eskimos -- Juneau and Denali. I guess I should put up some new pictures ...

Here's a bunch of really excellent pictures taken by my sister as she tromped around the world.

Here are my RC related links, mostly pictures that I've taken.

Pictures I've taken from R/C planes

Here are my cycling related links, mostly pictures that I've taken during group rides. This is really the only thing on this site I've updated recently.

Here is where I work ...

Here is where I do a little work from time to time.

Here is one place where I play. Not so much anymore, however -- now I mostly fly gliders at the ASF field.

Here is a link to the austin.* Usenet charters/guidelines (which I maintain.) Pretty boring stuff. (Hence the picture of two guys snoring ...)

Here's the obligatory resume link. It's a bit out of date -- it seems to only get updated when I need a job. Funny how that works!

My IRC stats stuff can be found here. I haven't updated this stuff in a long time, and there was a long period where it didn't work right, but looking at it now (2003-03-01) it seems to be working again (Efnet, anyways.) Yay! (Few people find this at all interesting.)

Here are web pages of some of my friends.

Doug McLaren / dougmc+wwwpage@frenzied.us